Affordable Locksmith & Son LLC Trained & Certified Technicians Are ready to open your Government Approved GSA Containers 

We specialize in GSA container openings, X07, X08 & X09's , CDX09, LKM's.We also offer access control, and safe opening and installation.
We provide emergency Government/Auto/Residential/Military developement on-site projects.
We service all the military bases on Oahu.
Affordable Locksmith & Sons LLC provides a full range of specialty Government-only capabilities including installation and repair of secure entry locks, drilling and repair of GSA containers (safes). 

We accept Government GPC and purchase cards and offer quick turn-around times. 

GSA Container opening and repair

  • Drill Open Black Label* GSA Container… Customers lock will be destroyed 
  • Drill Open Red Label GSA Container Customers lock will be destroyed
  • Cutting lock bolts to save Containers existing lock
  • Replacing drawer head by quote 
  • Repair GSA Container ( includes welding and painting per FED-STD 809)

  • Install Kaba Mas X-09 or S&G 2740 / S&G 2937 Lock On Container/Vault
  •  Open And Repair GSA Approved Vault By Quote 

    * Some Black Label Containers were built to the Red Label specifications. Red Label pricing will be applied to these containers. All containers are repaired to the standard set forth in FED-STD-809.

    Pricing includes replacement of GSA Label (if required) customer copies of inspection documentation and copies filed with GSA authority. Minor parts such as missing screws etc. are included however additional parts or labor required to bring the container back to GSA standards would be discussed at the time of service..

    Expect exceptional customer service, high quality hardware and competitive rates.

    Affordable Locksmith & Son LLC can handle all your lock and security projects from beginning to end.

    We can handle locksmith services for any type location:

    • Homes
    • Businesses, Stand-alone businesses, Office buildings, Malls, Strips malls
    • Retail buildings
    • Apartments, Condos and Townhomes
    • Hospitals, Clinics, Doctor’s offices
    • Churches
    • On-staff GSA certified technician (Peter Uyehara)
    • Commercial lockouts
    • Locks re-keyed and replaced
    • Access control systems
    • Locks repaired and installed
    • Security Locks
    • And much more
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